From One Generation to the Next

Why Grandville Calvin Christian?

We asked students, staff, alumni, and grandparents why they love Calvin Christian. To us, their answers are the heart of Christian education and what makes our school a great place where students learn to glorify God while receiving a great education! 

The “From One Generation to the Next” campaign is more than just a school expansion. It’s a way to reach more families who are looking for a Christian education where their son or daughter will be known personally and be given opportunities to flourish spiritually, academically, and emotionally.  

At its February 2024 Board Meeting, the Board approved a modified construction plan that allows the start of construction at Calvin Christian High School in the summer of 2024. This plan breaks the construction into two phases, Phase I and Phase II, in order for construction to begin sooner. The phases are described in detail below. 

PHASE I GOAL: $10,700,000

Funds Raised So Far Toward Phase I: $8.2M 77%

Plan for Summer of 2024

Watch this video to see and hear the plans for construction to start in the summer of 2024!

Play Video about Todd Henderson describes where and when construction will begin at Calvin Christian High School.


The Board approved spending $11.2 million for Phase I. This portion of the construction project will begin in the summer of 2024. The Board’s approval was made based both on known cash and commitments on-hand and on anticipated giving over the next several months. 

The following classrooms and improvements will be part of Phase I: three new science classrooms, a new educational support services and inclusion center, a new strength and conditioning facility, a new teachers’ lounge, new main offices, and a new and secure main entry.

Demolition will begin in June of 2024. Phase 1 construction begins shortly thereafter, with anticipated completion by the summer of 2025.

We have already been planning our classes and use of classrooms to ensure that Calvin Christian High School continues to offer the breadth of program it always has.

Please pray continuously over our students and school. We believe in the power of prayer over all we do. We also need your continuous financial commitment to the project. As you plan your future giving, a two-year commitment will help us to manage the project cash flow and keep GCCS debt-free. Gifts of all sizes are important and appreciated. Or you can fill out this commitment form. 

We are blessed to say that, through this campaign, we have fully funded our Squire Fund for four school years (2021-2022, 2022-2023, 2023-2024, 2024-2025), completed the renovations of our Robotics and Industrial Arts Makerspace, and installed new HVAC and AC at the elementary campus. The total cost of these completed projects was $6.3 million.

God has blessed the Grandville Calvin Christian School community for generations. Back to the foundations of Christian education in the Grandville and Wyoming areas in 1891, families have committed to providing an excellent education that develops students in faith and prepares them for Kingdom service. By grounding children in God’s Word and their identities in Jesus Christ, each generation of families has passed down a legacy of faith and reliance on God to their children and their grandchildren. We have been blessed.

To sustain our Christian schools for future generations, we plan carefully for the future. Through prayerful reliance on God and strategic decisions as a community of faith, GCCS strives to build community and be wise stewards of the resources God has blessed us with to ensure a thriving future for our schools.

Grandville Calvin Christian is launching its largest campaign ever which we are calling “From One Generation to the Next.” This initiative will position GCCS to continue to equip students to serve and glorify God and create additional funds to ensure a thriving future for our Christian schools for generations to come. 

Campaign Initiatives


Our vision is that every family who desires a Christ-centered education for their child will have the opportunity to enroll at GCCS.  

Campus Renovations

Invest in our facilities to renovate, improve, and modernize classrooms and learning spaces. 

Program Enhancements

Our commitment to excellence in all areas–fine arts, academics, athletics, student and staff support–will provide additional opportunities to allow our community to flourish.

Accessibility / Opportunity

Our vision is that every family who desires a Christ-centered education for their child will have the opportunity to enroll at GCCS. We want to increase the Squire Fund to remove financial barriers for families and increase accessibility. Your gifts to the campaign will help more kids belong!

Campus Renovations

We must invest in our facilities to renovate, improve, and modernize classrooms and learning spaces. We will create space for community-building where relationships can flourish. Investing in our facilities will renovate and improve classrooms that have served us well for many years but are in need of 21st-century enhancements. We will modernize learning spaces and create new spaces to allow students to learn and grow, to develop their gifts and talents, and create spaces for community-building as we help students to grow and deepen relationships with one another.

Plans for high school upgrades:

  • New Main Entrance and Office Renovations – A welcoming central two-story entryway to CCHS will open to the main street corridor guiding people past our new offices, new restrooms, and into the Calvin Commons. This updated look will improve school safety and invite our guests and the Calvin Christian student body into school each day.  This new entrance will also modernize and improve curb appeal along Ivanrest Avenue and narrate the visual perspective that Calvin Christian is a modern high school committed to the future.
  • Science Wing – Our emphasis and commitment to STEM education will be evident through improved science rooms that are safe and modern and will allow for better student collaboration and technology utilization. Our state-of-the-art science classrooms will enable students to grow in awe and wonder of God as our creator and explore our role as stewards of creation and how this knowledge can be used to care for ourselves, others around us, and our world. These updates will improve the student’s ability to research, seek evidence, and engage in critical thinking as we seek to know our Creator through His creation and to be in awe of what He has done.
  • Calvin Commons – We are creating a modern, flexible, multi-purpose space where our students and community can fellowship together.  The Calvin Commons will improve the community feel and create even stronger unity among our amazing student body. This space will include a commercial kitchen, serving area, and flexible seating where students can gather for lunch and snack breaks. The commons will be utilized during the school day for large group and classroom activities, as well as in the evenings to host events and enable people to gather before, during, and after athletic contests.
  • New Education Support Services and Inclusion Center –By moving our ESS and Inclusion programs together to the center of the school, we will expand the quality of services and highlight our commitment to nurturing an inclusive student community and strengthen our commitment to meeting the needs of all learners.  Each of our learners is uniquely created, and this project will enable us to more effectively support our unique learners while growing a sense of belonging and fostering a community that accepts, celebrates, and accommodates everyone’s differences.  
  • Strength and Conditioning Facility – This space emphasizes our commitment to athletics and a focus on developing Calvin Christian student-athletes with year-round, multi-sport training. This facility will be staffed by strength and conditioning coaches before, during, and after the school day and help power our students and teams to reach their goals and develop their God-given talents.
  • Industrial Arts/Robotics Makerspace – We are committed to 21st-century education and modernizing our technology while creating a more functional space for our Technology and Robotics Programs.  This multi-use, modern space will drive innovation, experimentation, and design through hands-on fabrication and the implementation of emerging technologies. This Makerspace will prepare students for careers in skilled trades, as well as those requiring a college degree.
  • Staff Lounge – Our staff is central in equipping our students to serve and follow Christ.  They invest in our students daily through instruction, support, mentoring, and guiding them in their faith. Our new staff lounge will be located in the center of our instructional space and will provide our faculty with a modern space to eat, relax, and collaborate.

Program Enhancements

Our commitment to excellence in all areas–fine arts, academics, athletics, student and staff support–will provide additional opportunities to allow our community to flourish. GCCS has numerous opportunities to continue its commitment to excellence in the extracurricular programs that it offers in order to enhance the experiences of students and staff to develop their gifts and talents while working together in community.


A pie chart visual for the breakdown of the campaign costs.

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