Winter Disco!!

WINTER DISCO!! Saturday, January 13, 2024
7:00-10:00 PM
Calvin Christian Middle School gym
Tickets – $25 on sale through January 8.

Dance Information:

  • This is a semi-formal dance.
  • It will be held at Calvin Christian Middle School in the gym.
  • Desserts and drinks will be served during the evening.
  • Guests from other high schools welcome, but must get a guest pass approved through the office.
  • You must bring your student ID and Guest Pass (if bringing a guest) to attend!

Tickets and Entrance Information:

  • Entrance to the dance is $25 per person and must be paid in advance.
  • You may pay with a check or cash and bring it to Calvin Christian High School with all signed paperwork.
  • You may also pay online below. 

All online or in-person tickets must be purchased by Monday, January 8.

  • Payment at the door will not be allowed. 
  • Tickets will not be handed out, but names will be checked against a paid list the night of the event.
  • You will need your student ID to attend. 
  • If you choose to leave the event you will not be allowed to return unless you get permission from a chaperone and have an escort.

Because this is a semi-formal event at a Christian school our men should wear dress pants and dress shirt, a tie is optional. Ladies should wear a skirt/dress or dress pants/shirt. Remember that shoes will not be allowed in the gym. Ladies must wear leggings if your dress/skirt is more than 3 inches above the kneecap or if there is a slit that is higher than the 3 inches above the kneecap. Plunging necklines with excessive cleavage are not allowed. Students not following the dress code will be asked to leave.

Please dance appropriately during the event. If your dancing is inappropriate you will be given a warning. If the inappropriate dance continues you may be asked to leave. All normal school rules set forth in the student handbook apply at the dance.

Bringing a Guest?

If you are bringing and paying for a guest, all paperwork and payment must be done in person and submitted to the office at Calvin Christian High School. Print this PDF download, or stop by the high school office to get a copy.

Download the Guest Pass

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