Tuition Reduction Incentive Program

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Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP) is a program that enables families to reduce tuition by purchasing gift cards and gift certificates—at no additional cost—for goods and services they purchase every day. A percentage of the gift card purchase is credited to the family's TRIP account.

Quick Facts

Who Can Participate in TRIP?

Anyone in the community may participate, including GCCS families, future GCCS families, grandparents, and friends. You can designate your TRIP earnings to the account of a presently enrolled family member or anyone enrolling in the future.

How Does TRIP Work?

TRIP certificates are the stores’ actual gift certificates/gift cards. Some stores allow you to use TRIP certificates to make payments on charge accounts. A small portion of credits earned is given to the Parent Club for expenses that aren’t part of the normal operating budget (such as playground equipment and classroom improvements).

Why Should I Take Part In TRIP?

TRIP benefits both GCCS and individual families. All certificates are purchased at a discount by GCCS and sold at face value. The difference is then used to offset tuition expenses. 

Getting Started

To begin participating in this program, pick-up a new family packet in the Business Office, GCS office, or download the Registration Form below and email it or drop it off.

Shop With Scrip Online

Visit our online ordering system that allows you to order TRIP anywhere at anytime.


Present a preprinted TRIP Voucher Form to a participating business on the voucher list at the time of purchase. The participating business sends the credit amount to our GCCS TRIP office and it is then applied to the customer's TRIP account.

VIP (Vendors in Partnership)

Certificates are generic gift certificates in $5 and $25 amounts. They are accepted at a wide variety of local businesses and offer a 4% credit.

Other Forms

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