Sara Hoeve

Sara Hoeve
Sara Hoeve

Communications Director

n 2007 I joined the teaching staff at Calvin Christian.  I graduated from Calvin College with my BA in English and History.  I also received my Masters and PhD. in English Education from Western Michigan.

As a teacher of writing and literature, my role is to help students embrace the God-given gift of language.  My English pedagogy centers around the belief that English classrooms must be a place where students feel invested, challenged and celebrated in their writing and reading.  My first goal is that my students are able to see themselves as writers, to be able to communicate their experience and ideas clearly and confidently, to feel as if they have something to say and the right to say it.  My second goal is for students to use these skills to understand the relationship between themselves and their world, to explore their identity and community.

My time away from school revolves around my husband Mitch, and our children, Grace, Austin and Jackson.  I keep busy doing laundry and driving my kids everywhere.  If I have free time, I enjoy my Book Club, camping and yoga.  


Phone: 616.538.0990