Training The Mind, Body & Spirit

Intramural & Interscholastic Athletics For Middle School

Participation in athletics provides many opportunities for students to grow in discipline, responsibility, self-esteem and spiritual growth. Our primary goals are to bring glory to God by performing our best, maintaining a Christ-like attitude, and competing in a God-honoring manner.

Interscholastic Athletic Program

Our interscholastic provides selected students with the opportunity to develop their talents in competition with students from other schools.

6th Grade Boys and Girls

Sixth grade boys and girls may participate in Cross Country, Golf, Swimming, Track and Field, and Tennis. Golf, Swimming, and Tennis are all one-day events, while Cross Country and Track and Field are season events.

7th & 8th Grade Girls

Girls in 7th and 8th grade are provided with the opportunity to participate in Volleyball, Cross Country, Golf, Basketball, Swimming, Soccer, Softball, Track and Tennis.

7th & 8th Grade Boys

Boys in 7th and 8th grade are offered the opportunity to participate in Soccer, Cross Country, Golf, Basketball, Wrestling, Football, Swimming, Baseball, Track and Tennis.

CCMS Intramural Sports

Our intramural program consists of activities such as:

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To Enroll Your Child In Intramurals or our Interscholastic Athletic Program, contact our Athletic Director, Tom Bouma.