Kenya Connection

The Kenya Connection

Grandville Calvin Christian School has been in a cross-cultural partnership with The Reverend Murupus Academy (RMA) in Kapenguria, Kenya for more than a decade.  What began as a dream to build relationships with Christians across the globe, has matured into lasting friendships with God’s people who are part of an amazing school in the northwestern Rift Valley of Kenya.  These people are experiencing the blessings of God in a school that is seeking to serve God and his children.

Students and staff from both schools are communicating with one another and are collaborating in loving, learning, and serving. Students in the middle and elementary schools have a buddy that they pray for and communicate with.  Reciprocal travel has allowed us to meet one another face to face and to grow to care deeply for God’s people across the globe.

The Grandville Calvin Christian community is also invited to sponsor a child at the RMA, providing a staff member or a needy family with the opportunity to continue to provide quality Christian education for their child.  Recently the RMA has begun to provide refuge for children from Uganda and other surrounding areas that are in turmoil stemming from corrupt governments and elections that have torn these countries apart.  Children as young as three years old, have come to the RMA to find love, security, and an opportunity to know Jesus Christ.

Our goal for this partnership is to experience the richness of God’s love to all people no matter where He has placed us.  Both school communities have been blessed by this partnership and will continue to seek God together as we work to guide children into a deeper relationship with God.