Squire Robotics Competition Team

Welcome to Calvin Christian Robotics

Squire Robotics is primarily an after school engineering team competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) open to all students that want to participate. It is supported by the Engineering, Fabrication and CAD classes that teach the necessary skills to be successful, while local engineers and other professionals work side by side with the students to guide them through the engineering design process to produce a competitive product.

The mission of our robotics program is to provide a real world working experience for students to apply what they learn in their classes, gain soft skills not being taught, and learn what it means to work on a professional team.


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2022 Accomplishments

In 2022, the Squires Robotics Team launched into its rookie season. Their list of accomplishments includes:

  • Highest seeded rookie at the Calvin University event
  • 2022 Finalist at the Calvin University event
  • Rookie all-star at the Calvin University event
  • Rookie Inspiration award at the West Michigan event
  • Highest seeded rookie at the West Michigan event
  • Rookie Inspiration at the State event

As the Squire Robotics program continues to develop, our goals are to grow our team, inspire middle and elementary school students to join our program, and engage the broader Calvin Christian community.

We also are working on building a robot with the capability of launching t-shirts at Calvin Christian sporting events, as well as working with sponsors on potential advertising opportunities. 

We are continuously involved with outreach programs such as Go Baby Go to serve the broader West Michigan community.

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