Add.a.lingua Partnership

We are an add.a.lingua partner school.  As such, we offer an early total one-way immersion add.a.lingua program.  Add.a.lingua programs follow specific guidelines, use common grade-level materials, and include five years of professional learning and support to help students reach three goals:

  • grade-level proficiency and biliteracy
  • cultural competency
  • academic achievement

Most importantly, however, add.a.lingua programs help foster in students global empathy, the ability to understand and accept what others, even those most different from ourselves, feel and experience.

What does it mean to be an add.a.lingua partner?

  • GCS and CCMS are part of a professional learning network that implements add.a.lingua immersion programs and follows a specific program design, participates in a comprehensive professional learning sequence, implements formative assessments on a set schedule, and receives access to the most relevant research in the field of dual language immersion education.

Why did GCS and CCMS choose to partner with add.a.lingua?

  • By licensing add.a.lingua materials, participating in ongoing professional learning, and regularly assessing our immersion students in the language of instruction, we have committed ourselves to the highest standards of excellence in dual language immersion education.

Who is responsible for student success and the day-to-day work of instruction?

  • Partnering with add.a.lingua empowers us to do our best work and to fulfill our promise of developing biliterate, academically successful, and culturally competent students. Our partnership with add.a.lingua ensures that we have a plan and expert guidance. We are responsible for building an outstanding team of immersion teachers and helping all our students be successful.

Have a Question?

Contact Spanish Immersion Director, Katy Rozema, for more information on our Spanish Immersion Program.