Developing Global Empathy

Amar, Aprender, Servir: Todos los días

"We chose GCCS Spanish Immersion because of the academic benefit bilingual education provides. However, we were fortunate to experience the true gift of bilingual education when we went to Peru on a mission trip with our sons. There we saw first hand how their second language opened doors and broke down barriers."
Mike & Andrea Werkema
GCCS Parents



increasing students’ cross-cultural awareness and competency



striving for high academic achievement, second language proficiency, and development of soft skills



preparing students to use their language skills in service to God and others

What is Spanish Immersion?

Immersion is a method of language instruction in which the second language is the medium rather than the subject of instruction.  The classroom environment becomes the setting for second language acquisition through core subject content instruction, intentional language study, educational discourse, and social interaction.

Our Spanish Immersion program allows students to build a love for the language and culture of Spanish speakers across the globe.

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Celebrating Over 10 Years of Spanish Immersion


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Benefits of Spanish Immersion

  • Proficiency in the second language
  • Increased cultural competency
  • Unique opportunities to serve
  • Flexibility in thinking
  • Cognitive advantages
  • Enhancement in understanding of native language
  • Greater ability to learn additional languages
  • Development of soft skills such as perseverance and problem solving

Spanish Immersion Through the Grades

Preschool Spanish Immersion

Elementary Spanish Immersion

Middle School Spanish Immersion

High School Spanish Immersion

Want To Learn More?

Contact Spanish Immersion Director, Katy Rozema, for more information about our Spanish Immersion Program.