Spanish Immersion

group of students smiling in Spanish Immersion classroom

What Is GCCS’ Spanish Immersion Program Like?

Our Spanish immersion program allows students to fully experience a second language and culture. The classroom environment becomes the setting for second language acquisition through core subject content instruction, intentional language study, educational discourse, and social interaction.

Grandville Calvin Christian Schools offer Spanish Immersion from preschool through high school, allowing students to receive an immersive education from their first year to their final. Students enrolled in Spanish Immersion can expect a holistic education that couples secondary language acquisition with the development of skills necessary to move on to postsecondary school.

Spanish Immersion Program from Kindergarten to 12th grade:

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade 100% Spanish Instruction
3rd Grade 92% Spanish, 8% English
4th Grade 90% Spanish, 10% English
5th Grade 87% Spanish, 13% English
6th Grade – 8th Grade 2.5 courses in Spanish (Two that meet each day and one that meets only two days a week)
9th Grade – 12th Grade 2 courses in Spanish

“The benefits of Spanish immersion are being able to know two languages, but also getting to learn a lot about different cultures and connect with people and different teachers from all around the world.”

– Abby VandenHoek

Benefits of Spanish Immersion

  • Intellectual growth
  • Flexibility in thinking
  • Greater sensitivity to language
  • Enhancement in understanding native language.
  • Appreciation of other cultures and global perspective.
  • Greater ability to learn additional languages.
  • Development of Soft Skills

Over the years, parents have witnessed their children’s success in the classroom, and seen their growth as Spanish speakers and children of God. These students have new desires to seek future careers as doctors, businesspeople, missionaries, and teachers. Give your child the chance to learn not only a language, but another culture and way of life.

Want to learn more?

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