Frequently Asked Questions

1. When did Ambassador High open?

Ambassador High launched in the 2019-2020 school year. In our first 9th grade cohort, we enrolled 16 students.

2. Where is Ambassador High located?

The classrooms are located in the South wing of the current high school.

3. How do I know if Ambassador High is the right choice for my child?

It is our belief that any student could thrive at Ambassador; however, Ambassador would be a great fit for students who are independent and curious, who enjoy hands-on work, and desire to see the connections between their learning and real world application.

4. How is Ambassador High different from Calvin Christian?

Ambassador High includes project-based learning at more individualized pace. While on campus, students attend integrated classes and participate in advisories. In Ambassador, students leave campus to learn 2 days a week through internships, shadowing opportunities, and service learning.

5. How do internships work?

After a period of interest exploration and gift assessments, our students will begin to reach out to local business. They will begin their relationship with an informational interview and shadow day. If the student and business choose to continue working together, we will arrange a 9 week internship. After the 9 week mark, the teacher, student, and mentor will evaluate whether to continue at the placement or switch to another site.

6. How are students transported to internships?

Transportation to job-sites is the responsibility of the family. However, we are hopeful that we will be able to organize a car pooling schedule for internships near one another.

7. What if my child doesn’t know which career they are interested in?

This is exactly what Ambassador is for! Incoming students work with advisors to complete gifts and interest inventories. Based on the student’s interests, talents, gifts, and goals, we help them explore a wide variety of different career and service opportunities. This involves informational interviews, shadow days and 9 week internships. 

8. What is an advisory?

An advisory is a small group of students and one teacher (the advisor), which meets three days a week. Advisory time may include circle discussions, mindfulness exercises, journaling, sharing work or just a fun activity! During advisory time, the teacher conducts check-in meetings with each student to monitor the progress on their learning plan. 

9. Will my child feel isolated from their Calvin Christian peers?

Ambassador students still interact with the rest of the Calvin community during chapel, language courses, and music programs. They share the same snack and lunch breaks. Ambassador students become involved in extracurricular activities such as the play, sports or Calvin clubs, which offer another great place to form relationships with their peers.

10. Will my child be college & career ready? Will they be prepared for standardized tests?

Ambassador High has been designed from the start to help students prepare for their future, whether God is calling to go to college or directly into a career. The internships are designed to help students figure what they want to do in their vocation as well as give them experience in that field to help them be attractive to both colleges and employers. The teaching practices are built on research and best practices to prepare students for further education. As far as standardized test we cannot commit to guaranteeing a specific score for your child, but Ambassador High is committed to following the MME curriculum, and teaching all of the necessary standards for national tests. The data from other Big Picture Learning schools shows that students in these programs typically score at or above grade level on standardized tests. They are accepted into college and are successful in their programs.

11. How can Ambassador offer a complete education in only 3 days a week?

The curriculum is integrated, combining the STEM and Humanities courses into two academic rotations. This model eliminates the overlaps in content, which frequently occurs when teaching subjects separately, and instead, allows students to dig deeper as they realize the connections between their skills.

12. Does Ambassador High offer Spanish Immersion?

If there is enough interest from Spanish Immersion families, we look at the feasibility for a Spanish Immersion cohort or provide Spanish-speaking internships for Ambassador students.

13. What does the application process include?

Applications are available on our website for all incoming 9th and 10th graders. The applications ask for general information, but also ask parents and students to complete longer answers about their interest in Ambassador High. After we receive the application, one of our staff members will arrange an interview with the prospective student and parents.

14. What will an Ambassador High transcript look like? Will colleges accept graduates from AH?

A transcript from Ambassador High will look exactly like a Calvin Christian transcript and be acceptable for college admissions.

15. How are parents involved in the learning?

Parents are invited to regular student-led conference, and learning exhibitions. In addition, parents are a great resource by suggesting business contacts for our internship program.

16. Where do Bible courses fit in the Ambassador High schedule?

All courses at Ambassador High are taught from a Reformed perspective, and, a portion of the freshman humanities course is dedicated to Biblical study. In addition, the courses for sophomore, junior and senior year will incorporate Bible curriculum.

17. How much does Ambassador High cost?

The tuition for Ambassador High is consistent with Calvin Christian High School. Tuition assistance is available.

18. What does a daily schedule look like?


  • Advisory
  • Humanities
  • STEM
  • Lunch
  • Elective/Language


  • Advisory (Band/Choir/Orchestra)
  • Humanities  
  • STEM 
  • Lunch  
  • Elective/Language


  • Internships


  • Internships


  • Advisory (Band/Choir/Orchestra)
  • Humanities
  • STEM
  • Lunch
  • Elective/Language

Have A Question?

Contact Kristyn Kamps, Director & Humanities Advisor to learn more about Ambassador High and if it's right for you!