Community-Based Learning

Where the Community is Your Classroom

Ambassador High is a program at Calvin Christian High School that provides students with opportunities to discover and apply their God-given talents through community-based learning to live their lives to the fullest.

Our curriculum is based on nationally-recognized successful programs to provide an integrated and individualized experience for each student.

Join us for an info night on March 18, 2021 at 7pm.

Why Choose Ambassador High?

Parent Involvement

Parental involvement regarding your child’s individualized learning plan & learning targets

Faith In Action

Integrated faith and learning with a Christ-centered focus


Real-world experiences and internships with community partnerships under a job site mentor

Advisory Structure

Small cohort structure with advisor to provide a "second family" for students

School Culture

Culture of trust, respect, and equality; inviting students to collaborate, communicate & lead

Integrated Learning

Project-based, thematic learning that teaches both humanities and STEM

One Student At A Time

Individualized learning experiences based on the interests & goals of each student

Post-Secondary Planning

Planning that equips students for college, a trade, the military, or the workforce

Big Picture Learning

Affiliation with the highly successful, nationally-recognized organization Big Picture Learning


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We Partner with Big Picture Learning

2019-2020 students and their internships

Have A Question?

Contact Kristyn Kamps, Director & Humanities Advisor to learn more about Ambassador High and if it's right for you!