Community-Based Learning

Where the Community is Your Classroom

Ambassador High is a program at Calvin Christian High School that provides students with opportunities to discover and apply their God-given talents through community-based learning to live their lives to the fullest. 

Our curriculum is based on nationally-recognized successful programs to provide an integrated and individualized experience for each student.

Why Choose Ambassador High?

Parent Involvement

Parental involvement regarding your child’s individualized learning plan & learning targets

Faith In Action

Integrated faith and learning with a Christ-centered focus


Real-world experiences and internships with community partnerships under a job site mentor

Advisory Structure

Small cohort structure with advisor to provide a "second family" for students

School Culture

Culture of trust, respect, and equality; inviting students to collaborate, communicate & lead

Integrated Learning

Project-based, thematic learning that teaches both humanities and STEM

One Student At A Time

Individualized learning experiences based on the interests & goals of each student

Post-Secondary Planning

Planning that equips students for college, a trade, the military, or the workforce

Big Picture Learning

Affiliation with the highly successful, nationally-recognized organization Big Picture Learning


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We Partner with Big Picture Learning

2019-2020 students and their internships

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