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A Look Inside Polka Dot Garden

Each child is a precious gift from God and we understand that sending your child to school for the first time can cause anxiety for your child and for you. Our staff has this in mind from the moment you enter our doors. Within our nurturing environment your child will be loved, cared for, and encouraged to explore God's world.

Polka Dot Garden is comprised of two preschool programs: English Preschool and Spanish Immersion Preschool. Whether you choose English or Spanish, we have developed a unique two-year curriculum which allows 3 and 4 year old children to participate in our program for one or two years. Your child will learn about God and His world through Bible stories, art, language, science, motor skill activities, and thematic units. Teachers use pictures, movement, activities, music, and games to assist your child on their learning journey.

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