Matt Jewett

Matt Jewett


Before coming to Calvin Christian, I taught English for ten years at Kalamazoo Christian High School where I commuted from Wyoming.  Before that, I worked as an adjunct instructor at Boston College, Calvin College, and Grand Rapids Community College.  During this time, I also worked as a part time adult ed teacher at the Van Buren County jail.

I have my Master’s in English from Boston College and my Bachelor’s degree with a double major in English and Communication Arts from Cornerstone University.

I am married to Sara Jewett and have two high energy but wonderful children: Blake and Adele.  Sara is the diaconal coordinator at Calvary Christian Reformed Church where she focuses on benevolence, community relationships, and outreach.  I am the discipleship elder and a youth group leader at Calvary CRC.  Netflix tells me that I love “mind bending science fiction”, “period pieces featuring a strong female lead,” and “fight the system movies.”  I also love binge reading, playing chess with my son, interpretive dancing with my daughter, directing theatre, and eating pizza rolls.

As teacher I want my student to “own” their thoughts.  I don’t want their thoughts to exist in a bubble but to have them participate in discourse communities that go beyond the walls of the classroom.  I want to prepare them with the right questions to ask their culture and their communities.  And, most importantly, I want them to “own” their faith walk and to help disciple them into a deeper relationship with God.  A verse that I’m still trying to live out is Philippians 4:12: “I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation.”

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