Corry VanderSluis

Corry Vander Sluis


Teaching at Calvin Christian is what God has prepared me for and where God wants me right now. I grew up in a home where Dutch was spoken by my parents.  They thought that no one could understand their secrets. Little did they know that one of their kids had a knack for picking up languages. That background helped me learn Spanish and love it. I studied in Spain even before Calvin College had their international study abroad program. I have also studied in Mexico for several summers. I received my master’s degree in from The School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont. All of these experiences helped me to learn to speak and teach Spanish.

I have taught Spanish at every level possible, from high school, to homeschool, to college classes and then to preschool Spanish immersion. I am thankful to be back in the high school and work at Calvin Christian where we can laugh and learn from each other.

I am married to David Vander Sluis and we live in Holland. Dave is an electrician  We have three children, Sam, Becky and Mary.  We love family time together and hiking, walking along Lake Michigan and biking.

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