Bill Haagsma

Bill Haagsma

MS Chaplain, History

My teaching career began at Calvin Christian Elementary School upon graduating from  Calvin College.  After teaching there for 21 years I “graduated” to Calvin Christian Middle School in 2007.  During the  middle school  years,  students begin to discover their gifts, who they are in their community and who they are in Christ.  It is a huge privilege to be able to speak truth into the lives of these developing children of God. I have also enjoyed coaching 7th grade basketball for many years at CCMS.

I enjoy basketball and many other sports. I love music (almost any genre), movies, books, and traveling. I am married to Susan and we are the parents of three, two in college and the youngest in high school. I received my bachelor’s degree from Calvin College as a social studies group major and my master’s degree from GVSU in educational technology. I can be reached at

One of my  favorite verses comes from Deuteronomy 32:1-4

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