Amy Piersma

Amy Piersma


I began teaching in the late 1980’s as a high school German, Business and Math teacher. After marrying my husband, Craig, I worked for several years as an HR professional at a German automotive supplier. Staying home to raise our four boys, I eventually returned to teaching in 2009 as a GCS substitute teacher, and a Polka Dot Garden teacher. I now work exclusively in the GCS Childcare Center. I love my work and the people (kids and grown-ups) whom I work with. I see my job as a calling and mission to love the littlest of God’s children and make their non-school time at GCS safe, worthwhile and fun. In my spare time, I like to cook, can, hike, go to the beach and clean closets. My life verse is short and sweet: Psalm 34:1a “I will praise God no matter what happens.” TLB

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