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increasing students’ cross-cultural awareness and competency



striving for high academic achievement, second language proficiency, and development of soft skills



preparing students to use their language skills in service to God and others

Spanish Immersion at Calvin Christian Middle School

Students in 6th-8th grade enter the secondary continuing phase of our immersion program.  During this phase, students learn higher level language skills to match their higher level cognitive skills.  

During middle school, students are required to analyze, examine, solve problems, support opinions, and think critically, and they need the language instruction to be able to do this in Spanish.

Our Schedule

In middle school, Spanish Immersion students spend part of their day in English and part of their day in Spanish.  One exciting new development in middle school is that students in the English program and the Spanish Immersion program are able to have classes together for the first time.  They really enjoy getting to learn together!

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