About CCMS

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Enroll your child in a Christ-centered school committed to cultivating collaborative skills, a servant’s heart, intellectual inquiry, and a faith firmly rooted in God’s redemptive glory.

At Calvin Christian Middle School, we’re committed to a welcoming community, faith development, and academic excellence. We know that middle school involves great changes and growth for our students. For that reason, we believe in creating strong ties among faculty, staff, and students through our deliberate, small community that is deeply rooted in our mission “Loving, Learning, Serving.”

Why Choose CCMS?

  • Emphasis on collaboration, critical-thinking, and project-based learning
  • Strong integration of technology and digital literacy, including 1:1 Chromebook Program
  • Academic support through guided study halls, classroom aides, and after school tutoring
  • Accelerated learning options through high school and online courses
  • Participation in a multi-grade Tribes system, to build a vibrant inclusive community
  • Opportunities in 15+ clubs and sport teams
  • Development of spiritual growth through weekly chapels, small discipleship groups, pastoral care, and prayer opportunities
  • And more!

Fostering Community

At CCMS, we believe in creating a place where all children feel like they belong. To foster a sense of community, students are divided equally into six different tribes, Ihamba, Pani, Escuderos, Armigeri, Ma Maka’i,and Huenda (each meaning Squire in a different language), where they form friendships, create chants, develop crests, make banners, and meet in groups to develop critical thinking skills. These tribes, fondly named in honor of the tribes of Israel, cultivate good behavior through a point system, where students can earn points for their tribe by respecting others and honoring God. Other ways we foster community at CCMS include our Caring Kids, Caring Community program, exploratories, co-curricular activities, and more.

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Schedule A Visit Today!

The best way to understand our community is to experience Calvin Christian Middle School for yourself! Contact Principal Jason Folkert (jfolkert@gccsmi.org) or Transition Counselor Emily Nelson (enelson@gccsmi.org) to arrange a visit or a Shadow Day!

“The loving and caring teachers that go beyond what they have to do to help kids that are a little behind. They take them under their wings and let them out when they are ready to fly.”  -GCCS Parent