Growing Kindness & Community

Rooted and Growing

At CCMS, we teach students to know God and His world through Christ-centered education to serve Him in today's society. We encourage students to use their God-given gifts in the classroom, in chapel, on the field, in the gym, on stage and in all the other ways that God will lead them.

"GCCS is a nurturing and loving community full of teachers who are compassionate toward our daughters. The teachers inspire our daughters to marvel at and reflect God’s love."

Paul and Kristin Nienhuis, GCCS Parents

Rich Arts Program

Calvin Christian recognizes the need to cultivate our creativity as image-bearers of our Creator God and celebrate the voices, gifts, talents and potential we have been given. To this end Calvin offers a number of opportunities in the arts: Visual and Applied Arts, Band, Orchestra, Choir, and Theater.

Spiritual Growth

Throughout your child’s
education, every subject is taught from a Christian perspective as students discover, innovate, and create to proclaim God’s glory. Our weekly chapels, small grade discipleship groups, pastoral care, and prayer opportunities foster a Christian community and encourage students to develop their own personal faith.

Academic Excellence

At Calvin Christian we are
committed to the belief that all students can succeed and that God asks nothing less than the best we have to offer. We also believe that differentiating instruction is the Christ-like call for Christian educators to respond to the variety and differing needs in the diverse world God has made.

Our Essential 10

Our Essential 10 provides a list of standards and expectations that help our students learn how to navigate the world as image bearers of God:

Tribe System

At CCMS, we believe in creating a place where all children feel they belong.

To foster a sense of community, students are divided equally into six different tribes: Ihamba, Pani, Escuderos, Armigeri, Na Maka’i, and Huenda (each meaning Squire in a different language). In these Tribes, students form friendships, serve the community, participate in school competitions, and meet in groups to develop critical thinking and soft skills.

These tribes, fondly named in honor of the tribes of Israel, cultivate good behavior through a point system, where students can earn points for their tribe by respecting others and honoring God.

Quick Facts

Students can enroll in Spanish Immersion from preschool through 12th grade. This opportunity assists with a student’s cross-cultural awareness and competency, academic achievement, second language proficiency, and so much more. Spanish Immersion students not only learn a language but also a culture and another way of life.

Calvin Christian’s excellent Educational Support specialists strive to meet the needs of all students, while all teachers participate in a student support team that monitors all students’ progress and responds to their individual needs.

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