Welcoming All Kinds of Learners

Supporting students with various physical, cognitive, and social-emotional needs.​

Belonging means that all students are valued members of our classroom families. We are committed to supporting academic, social, and spiritual growth for all students so that they may reach their full potential.

Educational Support Services

Education Support Services (ESS) supports students with a diagnosed disability who are on track to earn a diploma throughout their high school education and prepare for post-secondary educational/career options.

ESS Personal Study & Accommodations Plan

Personal Study is a service provided to the ESS program. Students can receive individualized support such as: guided homework help with a learning specialist, academic and behavioral coaching, organizational and executive functioning skills support, grade monitoring, daily homework reminders, strategies for coping with disabilities, and possible ACT or SAT accommodations. Every student who receives Educational Support Services also receives an Accommodation Plan. This plan is customized for each individual based on needs and strengths. Accommodations may include:

Inclusive Education Services

Inclusive education services at Calvin Christian High School serves students with moderate to severe disabilities who need moderate to high interventions and supports. Students are integrated into general education classrooms and the school’s extracurricular activities. Students also receive specific instruction in subject areas based on their needs.

CCHS partners with Grandville Public Schools/Kent Intermediate School District to provide the following services to students who qualify:

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