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Amar, Aprender, Servir: Todos los Días



Increasing students’ cross-cultural awareness and competency



Striving for high academic achievement, second language proficiency, and development of soft skills



Preparing students to use their language skills in service to God and other

Spanish Immersion in the High School

During high school, the secondary continuing phase of the Spanish Immersion program continues.  Much like the transition from elementary to middle school, students transitioning from middle school to high school are growing cognitively and are in need of continued language study to ensure that students’ linguistic capacity supports the increasing cognitive demands required by each new grade level.

High school Spanish Immersion classes help students learn the language needed to debate, persuade, evaluate, critique, and create.

Spanish Classes

Each year, we offer two courses in Spanish – one Spanish language course and one core content course.

Freshman Year:

Spanish 9
*World History

Sophomore Year:

AP Spanish
*US History

Junior Year:

Calvin University Spanish Course

Senior Year:

Calvin University Spanish Course
Current Issues/Senior Capstone

*Content courses are offered on a three year rotating basis        

We partner with

Through our Calvin University partnership, our Spanish Immersion students have the opportunity to take 300-level Spanish classes during their junior and senior year.  

This partnership allows students to:

  • Develop academic literacy skills
  • Establish college readiness
  • Pursue higher Spanish proficiency
  • Participate in study abroad programs
  • Earn college credit, with the possibility of earning a Spanish minor!

Spanish Immersion Through the Grades

Spanish Immersion Homepage

Preschool Spanish Immersion

Elementary Spanish Immersion

Middle School Spanish Immersion

Want To Learn More?

Contact our Spanish Immersion Director, Jenna Martinez