Scholarship Resources

Use this form to complete the CCHS Common Scholarship Application
CCHS Counseling Office Scholarship File
All seniors have access to the counseling google classroom where up to date information regarding recent scholarship opportunities are posted
Scholarship Search Engines and Resources

In February Calvin Christian seniors will be able to apply for the CCHS Scholarships through the Common Scholarship Application.
These Scholarships may include but are not limited to:

  • Dr. & Mrs. Clarence Dr Boer Memorial
  • Christian College Association
  • Cornelius Sterk Memorial
  • Christian College Evangelism
  • Arnold & Cynthia Morren Family
  • Melissa Emily Decator Memorial
  • Kyle Petrlich Memorial

At this time students will also be nominated for the:
Theodore J. Peters
Dean Michael Groot Memorial

Students should be checking their email and the CCHS scholarship link for scholarship updates!