How A Student-Led Cardboard Arcade Raised Hundreds of Dollars for World Renew

Engineering and second grade students at Cardboard Arcade Night at GCCS.

When second grade teacher, Mrs. Systema, shared a story with her class about a boy who created a cardboard arcade, they immediately saw an opportunity to make a difference in their community and serve those in need.

engineering students and second grade students

Creating the Cardboard Arcade

three girls playing cardboard arcade gamePartnering with the engineering students at Calvin Christian High School, the two groups worked together to create an entire arcade out of cardboard to raise money for a charity of their choice. After spending countless hours designing the games, these Squire students invited friends, classmates, and family members to come out for a night of fun and entertainment.

Selecting A Charity of Choice

boy playing arcade game

After the event, Mrs. Systema encouraged her students to choose their charity of choice carefully and wisely. After collaborating as a class, the students decided to donate to World Renew, giving a portion of the funds to disaster relief in Indonesia and the rest to help families in need purchase animals.

In total, the Calvin Christian cardboard arcade raised $342.90 for World Renew. This Squire success is just another example of how our students constantly love, learn, and serve.