3rd Grade at GCS

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Social Studies



3rd Grade Focus

Third graders are… thoughtful, thankful, thrilling, thriving, thinkers, and sometimes… thunderous!

In third grade, we learn about the state of Michigan, Native Americans, map skills, organisms, the branches of government, our earth and how to care for it, and forces of motion.

We spend time branching out and improving our reading skills. We work on developing improved writing skills.

We review old math concepts and add new ones (like multiplication and division).

Third graders are at a wonderful age for showing loving care toward others and for soaking up new information like sponges.

They also develop in their love for God as they learn from the stories of the Bible – mostly the Old Testament.

Third graders somehow make every day we spend with them new, fun, interesting, and of course, a learning experience!

A Sneak Peek Into 3rd Grade

In addition to our rich curriculum and daily activities, here are some special events that take place throughout the year:

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