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Increasing students’ cross-cultural awareness and competency



Striving for high academic achievement, second language proficiency, and development of soft skills



Preparing students to use their language skills in service to God and others

Spanish Immersion in the Elementary School

In elementary school, students begin their journey toward bilingualism and biliteracy.

In addition to learning academic content in a second language, students’ eyes are opened to the beautiful diversity that God has put into our community and our world by learning about different people, cultures, and countries.

The experience of learning in an immersion program helps students develop critical soft skills such as grit, perseverance, and problem solving as they navigate communicating in a second language.

Kindergarten-2nd Grade

Students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade receive 100% of their instruction in the classroom in Spanish. Teachers use visuals, motions, repetition, and modeling to ensure comprehensible input for students.  Students learn how to use resources in the classroom and the vocabulary they already know to help them communicate only in Spanish.

3rd-5th Grade

In 3rd-5th grade, students continue to receive the majority of their academic instruction in Spanish, expanding their vocabulary, refining their grammar, and becoming more complex and sophisticated in their language use.

English instruction is introduced in 3rd grade and increases in 4th and 5th grade.

Spanish Immersion Through the Grades

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