5th Grade at GCS

Loving, Learning, Serving: Every Single day







Social Studies



5th Grade Focus

Throughout our different areas of focus, we experience many valuable learning activities such as Declaration Day, service projects in and with our community, chemistry experiments, STEM projects, and ecosystem improvements. We use a variety of avenues of learning,  including inquiry based, hands-on experiences, observations, and labs, to process and organize new knowledge about the world around us. At fifth grade level, we encourage children to think outside of themselves and recognize needs in the world around us and determine how they can use their gifts to help others.

A Sneak Peek Into 5th Grade

In addition to our rich curriculum and daily activities, here are some special events that take place throughout the year:

Kindergarten Buddies

First year of Band and Orchestra

Service Projects – Raking for neighbors, Caroling, Kids Food Basket, Raising funds for local Food Pantry

Class mix-ups to prepare for Middle School

Field Trips To:​

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