Second Grade

Second grade is a year full of curiosity, wonder, awe, and discovery as previously learned skills become more immediate and as students continue to grow and engage in their learning in exciting new ways. In second grade we love to help our students learn more about

  • God’s amazing plans for their life,
  • the gifts he has given each of them,
  • the joy of living in loving, Christian community, and
  • how God has worked, and continues to work, in the world around them.  Above all we want to nurture and guide our students as they develop a personal relationship with God.

Our Bible lessons span the entire Bible: from the Old to the New Testament, from creation to The New Jerusalem. As we move through God’s word we see how His promises to the Israelites were fulfilled.  As we learn of his faithfulness to his people, we are reminded that we serve the same faithful God today.  This gives us the assurance that God’s promises to us will also be fulfilled. Prayer and Bible memory are very important and meaningful parts of our classroom study time as well.  We want to help students plant God’s word in their hearts and help them grow their relationship with God through times of prayer.

Second graders learn to love reading!  As the skill of decoding becomes easier, students are able to dive into skills like visualizing, predicting, and inferring which enhance their thinking and comprehension allowing them to engage with texts in new ways.  Students are introduced to new and exciting authors and series books in book-rich classrooms with wonderful libraries and are encouraged to make reading an important part of their daily lives.

As writers, second grade students explore and develop their voice through narrative, opinion, and informational styles of writing.  Students work on improving their understanding of grammar and spelling rules so that they can present their best work.  Writing in paragraphs and expanding vocabulary are also important components of second grade.

In math, we use the Math Expressions curriculum and place a heavy emphasis on differentiation in order to meet the wide variety of math needs typically found in a second grade classroom.  We are excited to help our students master their addition and subtraction facts (while differentiating for students who have already done so).  These are incredibly important building blocks for future math education.  Emphasis is also placed on learning the language of math story problems and challenging our students with more complex, multi-step problems that require careful reading and critical thinking.

Our science units include learning about landforms and water, measurement, and plants.  Our social studies units include learning about our friends at the Reverend Murupus Academy in Kapenguria Kenya, celebrating Jesus’ birth with believers around the world as we examine the Christmas traditions of many countries, discussing the role of African Americans and Women in history, as well as learning about our place in our community, beginning economic principles, citizenship, and the history of our country.  We use hands-on experiments, simulation activities, and student projects to make these concepts come alive.  

We look forward to making wonderful memories with students as they grow in second grade!


Stephanie Sytsema


Spanish Immersion

Aimee Sisco


Important Testing in 2nd Grade

Grandville Christian tests students using:

  • Measures for Academic Progress (MAP)
  • In-View test (An “ability test” – given at the end of 2nd grade – this test gives teachers an IQ score for each student.)