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Advent Devotionals: December 3

Morning Devotional #1. Series: Anticipating Christ’s Second Coming

Escape Repetitive Destruction

Today’s Passage: Judges 4:14-24

Author: Morgan Bykerk

This Bible passage can be quite difficult to read and it certainly raises tough questions about Christianity and how we are to act today. Can good really come from treachery and deceit? In the midst of a vengeful society in Judges, God used the time period of that day to show how sin leads to destruction. Also, due to this sinful behavior, the need for a Messiah is strongly emphasized.

If you were to read the entire book of Judges, you would notice a repeated cycle. It begins with the Israelites doing evil in the eyes of the LORD. Next, God brings judgment on them through foreign opposition. The people then cry for help, so God raises up a judge to deliver his people. They repent and turn back to God before they once again do evil. When God delivered the Israelites by sending a judge, he foreshadowed the coming of Jesus Christ. It hints to the time when Jesus would come to earth to deliver everyone from the opposition of Satan. In a sense, the book of Judges is the building blocks for the future in which the Israelites anticipate Christ’s coming.

Though Christ came to this earth and died for us, we know the salvation story isn’t finished. The world is full of destruction, heartbreak, and turmoil, yet this isn’t the end. Jesus is going to come again and restore this earth to a beauty we can’t even imagine. This passage warns us of sin’s temptation and what can happen if we don’t follow God’s path for our lives. So, as we wait for Christ’s return, it’s essential that we guard ourselves against the sinful ways of the world, and it’s essential that we ask God to deliver us when we become tangled up in destruction.


–What sin might you need to ask God to remove from your life?


Dear God,

Thank you for the blessing of hope you provide us with. We know our world is full of sin, but we look forward to a day when creation will be made new. Until that day, Lord, help us to continually become more like you. May we return to you, remember, trust, and obey. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Evening Devotional #2. Series: Anticipating Christ’s Second Coming

Swallowing Up Death Forever

Today’s Passage: Isaiah 25: 8-12

Author: Brad Kerkstra

In this passage, God is assuring the people of Judah through the prophet Isaiah that their “waiting” for him to deliver them will have a happy ending. When their exile is fully over, he will wipe away their tears and take away their disgrace, while judging and condemning their enemies. Verse 8 provides us with hope that one day God will restore this earth and save Israel from condemnation. He will “swallow up death forever.”

As New Testament Christians, we believe that God accomplished this ultimately by having sent his Son to save us from our sins, ending our own “exile” from God wherever we live. The passage reassures us with what God will do to protect us from all of our struggles in life. There is nothing that God can’t protect us from with his mighty power and strength. God will protect and save us from our sins; all that we need to do is believe in him and believe in the sacrifice that he made for us by sending his Son to die on the cross for all of us.

And we’re able to anticipate Christ’s return by prayerfully and faithfully believing throughout our lives today. We can rest in that hope and do our work for him because of that promise.


–In what areas of my life do I need to believe and trust God more?


Dear God,

Give us the strength and courage that we need to believe in you and your son. Give us strength to tell others about your sacrifice. Thank you for protecting us and giving us the opportunity for eternal life for those that believe in you. Please give us strength for another day and thank you for today. In your name I pray, Amen


National Merit Semifinalists

A round of applause for Jared Ebels and Megan Timmer, our two senior National Merit Semifinalists! Fewer than 1% of US high school students receive this honor. Quite an achievement for 2 of our 97 seniors!

Prayer at the Pole

On Wednesday morning, we joined millions of other students praying on school campuses around the world. It was beautiful to see so many CCHS students arrive at school early to pray as a community. Thanks be to God for blessing the work we do here!

Middle School Students Visit Art Prize

Our middle school students and staff enjoyed the beautiful weather as they explored Art Prize Wednesday. We were inspired to see the diverse ways innovators and creators can use art to glorify God!

PE-5 Boat Race

In order to practice 21st century skills of collaboration, innovation and problem-solving, the PE-5 students worked together to build floatable devices from limited resources. They hit the water on Tuesday, and all the boats made it across the lake!

Tinker Tuesday

Our Engineering students worked their with their 2nd grade buddies in Stephanie Sytesma’s class.  The high school students and 2nd graders worked with a simple online CAD program to create whatever was in their imaginations.  Now they’re ready to fire up the 3D printers and have their virtual creations become physical creations!

Mastodon Bones Visit CCHS

Today and tomorrow we have the privilege of hosting some of the Mastodon bones, which were co-discovered by Steve Hunderman (a 1997 CCHS graduate) in Byron Center over Labor Day weekend.  Stop by and see the skull and femur (and a cow femur  for comparison) in Mr. Adema’s room, (94), and a few ribs and vertebrae in Mrs. Teusink’s room (98).  See the MLive article to learn more about the bones and where they’re headed next.