At Grandville Calvin Christian, we whole-heartedly believe that God shapes a community, and in turn that community shapes each and every individual. So that’s why we worship together in chapel – twice a week in the high school, once a week in the middle school, and bi-weekly in the elementary. Our life together in Christ compels us to become people who are “dusty,” who follow the footsteps of Jesus so closely that we are covered with the dust from his sandals.Our chapel worship looks different each week. Some weeks, we’ll sing together, and some weeks we’ll listen to stories about God’s work in the world. In everything, though, we strive to make the presence of God known in each other’s lives. After all, we do not serve a God who dwells in the sky and looks apathetically down on us. No, we serve a Triune God intimately involved in the world, most evidently in Jesus Christ, but also in the daily lives of each and every one of us. Chapel is the place where, hopefully, we witness God at work, and then go out and find what this incredible God of grace is up to in our world and in our lives.