Athletic Philosophy

Athletics Mission

Grandville Calvin Christian Schools seek to model joyful living through athletic experiences.  The athletic program shapes bodies, hearts, minds and behaviors as we belong to Christ.  Athletics offer opportunities to learn fitness, proficiency, team commitment, respect for others, self-control and how to deal with both success and failure.  Athletics is a form of worship, a celebration of life in Christ and service to others.  Every athlete, coach, and parent share in the responsibility of praising God through athletics.

Athletics Vision
  • Student athletes, coaches and parents are loved and valued as all are created in the image of Christ.
  • Student athletes, coaches and parents are engaged through sports in active learning about God and his world.
  • Student athletes, coaches and parents are led by the Spirit to serve others in God’s world.

Guidance for Calvin Athletes, Parents and Coaches


The vision for the student athlete is built on the foundation of faith at the center of all things. An athlete should strive to reach the highest level of individual and team performance while maintaining primary focus on academics. Athletes are expected to use their God-given talents to the best of their abilities in both practice and play in order to bring praise and glory to Christ. The expectation is that athletes will display qualities such as godliness, obedience, humility, servant leadership, perseverance and self-control while on and off the field for the purpose of advancing the gospel.


Coaches are to represent Christ, themselves, and the school in a God-honoring fashion. Coaches will train athletes to do the same. Coaches will be gifted in their field and will skillfully prepare athletes to compete at the highest level of play. Coaches will seek to develop the whole child and the whole team. Every individual on the team is a child of Christ and deserves to be treated and trained with respect and dignity. Calvin coaches will seek to form mentoring relationships with players that will allow them to transform the athletes’ lives for Christ.


Parents share in the responsibility of making sport an experience where the gospel is presented in a positive light. The competitive environment is a place for growth, both individually and as a community of believers, in Christian character as teams experience testing and adversity, as well as triumph.  As families and fans support the teams through attendance at athletic events, they are expected to display, in action and in speech, the same qualities of spirit that coaches are trying to teach to athletes. Staff, students, and families are encouraged to join in support of athletics in order to promote school spirit, unity, and a positive atmosphere.

Guiding Principles:

  • Sport has a rightful place in Christian living. We will work to use sport as a means to develop spiritual formation in student athletes.
  • Christian character defines who we are.  God-honoring behavior, good sportsmanship, and avoiding drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are required.
  • We will pursue excellence in all things. Competition is essential to sport, yet when winning becomes and end in itself it can breed resentment and may dishonor God.
  • Academics lead the way – successful athletes must be successful students.
  • We will compete at the highest possible level.
  • We will teach an understanding of the rules, techniques and strategies of the various games for maximum enjoyment and benefit.
  • We will both win and lose with grace and humility.
  • Together students, coaches, parents and fans are witnesses of their Christian faith in practice, competition, or as spectators and as such must represent Christ in all aspects of our athletic program.