Honoring God On The Stage

Presenting God's Truth Through Visual Form

While we present fictions, our program takes our calling as truth-tellers very seriously. Our desire, whether actor, stage manager, stage crew, director, or makeup coordinator, is to “hold a mirror up to nature,” to help our audience and ourselves see our world and our part in it a little more clearly.

Performance As A Form Of Worship.

We are dedicated to producing plays and musicals that emphasize all of the human experience – not only to make the audience laugh, but also to think and feel.

We offer a wide variety of staging – from large main stage musicals, to more intimate theatre in black box type staging. This wide variety of experiences and staging entertains both the audience and participant and  broadens and challenges what it means to be fallen humans created in God’s image.

Audio Version:

The Calvin Christian High School Dramatic Society will be performing the comedy, radio variety show: “Yeoman Home Radio Show” on November 12-14, 2020, in the Calvin Christian Middle School gym with permission from Yeoman High Stories: Scott DeYoung.

This production will blend the quirky, weird, and funny sketches from the NPR radio show “Prairie Home Companion” with the dry wit and inspiration of Mr. Scott DeYoung’s “Yeoman High” stories. It will feature traditional folk and gospel music, fake commercials, comedy sketches, and storytelling.

The performances will be streamed on YouTube on November 12-13 at 7:00 p.m. and November 14 at 5:00 p.m and the links to those performances are provided below prior to the performance nights.

Please note: Here are the three ways to consume this production digitally. Hopefully, you will find faith, hope, love, and harmony in every choice.

Videos: Livestreaming

Video: Prerecorded

Editing and filming by Peter Aupperlee, Emma Seelye, Nicole Ebels, and Grace Christians.

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