Academic Support Services

Grandville Calvin Christian Schools (GCCS) welcomes all learners. We are committed to supporting academic, social, and spiritual growth for all students so that they may reach their full potential. Our comprehensive programming includes educational support services, inclusion services, and personalized supports. Our support services team partners with staff and parents in providing individualized support and instruction to students with unique learning needs. We believe in and teach our students the importance of everyone belonging….belonging to God, to the body of Christ, to our families, to our school community, and to our classroom families. Belonging means that all students, including those of differing physical, cognitive and emotional needs are valued members of our classroom families.

In addition to their membership and participation in their classrooms, students with diverse needs may receive additional support from our support staff. Here’s a glimpse of what inclusive community at GCS looks like:

•a student riding a tricycle down the halls to promote independence in moving from one class to another

•a student accompanying her class on a field trip in a mobility stroller to accommodate her physical limitations

•students using a variety of sensory supports in their classrooms

•older students assisting younger students with physical limitations on the playground and getting off the bus

•students gathered for lunch circles to build peer relationships and learn from social stories

•students working in one-to-one or small group settings to receive support for academic, social or emotional needs

Preschool – 5th grade Educational Support/Inclusion Specialists: Janet Krommendyk and Ruth Doorn

At Calvin Christian Middle School, we serve a broad range of learners each day. Every class period looks a little different, as we support students with diverse learning abilities. Some students only visit when they need a quiet place to take a test, while other students might be in the classroom for daily instruction that mirrors the work they’d do in a larger setting, but with more individualized instruction. Still others need more support and have frequent check-ins each day. We are so blessed to be able to offer a continuum of support for our students at CCMS! We also make space from time to time for visitors of the four-legged variety! We are thankful that Maebe Kehoe is a part of our Thursday study hall each week.

Middle School Educational Support/Inclusion Specialist: Vicki DeKryger

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The students involved in the Calvin Christian High School Inclusion program are engaged in a variety of off-campus activities and events. One of the activities available to them is a placement at a job site in the Grandville community. Inclusions students are also paired with a peer throughout our Sidekicks program, where the “Sidekick” acts as a buddy by attending classes, field trips, and extracurricular activities with the Inclusion student. Here they are attending a White Caps game, bowling, and at the Connections Banquet. Check out the Inclusion Program website for more details and pictures.

High School Educational Support Specialist: Abrianne Castaneda
High School Inclusion Specialist: Krista Gray