GCCS Board Purpose and Supervision

The GCCS Board of Directors provides strategic direction and oversight for the entire school system (the “School”) in order to ensure effective implementation of the GCCS Strategic Plan and to discern God’s will as it relates to the future of the School. The Board directly supervises the Head of School, develops and maintains the GCCS Strategic Plan, and provides guidance concerning challenges that face the School.

Strategic Board

The Board of Directors for Grandville Calvin Christian School is a Strategic Board. This means the Board is responsible for setting strategic goals for the School and monitoring progress toward those goals. The Board delegates authority to the Head of School and others to develop operational tactics for completing the goals and managing day-to-day progress toward those goals.

Current Board Members

Heather Hoezee
Board President - 2024

Heather and her husband, Jon, have two children enrolled at GCCS, both in middle school. They attend Harbor Life Church in Grandville. Heather is a Tax Partner at a CPA firm. She joined the GCCS Board because she wants to give back to the community that has cared so deeply for her children and share her experience with strategic leadership and financial knowledge in a way that provides for the continued growth of our school.

Steve van Stempvoort
Vice President - 2025

Steve and his wife, Elizabeth, have four children enrolled at GCCS: one in elementary school, two in middle school, and one in high school. They attend New City Fellowship Church in Grand Rapids. Steve works as an attorney. He joined the Board because he is a proponent of Christian education and is excited about the ways GCCS encourages staff and students to explore God and His works together, particularly through academics, extra-curricular activities, and service. 

Jamie Tanner

Jamie and her husband, Tim, have two children enrolled at GCCS, one in middle school and one in high school. They attend Chapel Pointe in Hudsonville. Jamie works as a Real Estate Appraiser.  Jamie joined the Board to give back and support the place that has meant so much to her kids, and to work toward maintaining the financial sustainability of Christian education for future generations.

Eric Woodfin

Eric and his wife, Donna, have one child enrolled at GCCS as a senior. They have two older children who have already graduated from Calvin Christian High School. They attend Ivanrest CRC in Grandville. Eric works as a Relationship Manager for Microsoft. He joined the Board to help ensure that future generations receive the same blessings through Christian education at GCCS that his children received.  

Dinorah Dykstra

Dinorah and her husband, Dean, have two children enrolled at GCCS: both in high school. They attend Fellowship CRC in Grandville. Dinorah works as an Outpatient Clinical Pharmacist for the VA Medical Center. Dinorah joined the Board because she believes students are the future, and she wants to support the staff as they equip students to serve a broken world. Her heart desires students to graduate with the tools and confidence needed to defend their Christian faith and that in everything they do, they do it as unto the Lord.

Matt Hollebeek

Matt and his wife, Robin, have three children enrolled at GCCS: one in elementary school, one in middle school, and one in high school. They attend LaGrave Avenue CRC in Grand Rapids. Matt works as a Funeral Director/Owner. Matt joined the Board because he likes serving other people and looking at situations from a long-term perspective while keeping in mind the small details.

Lisa Jousma

Lisa and her husband, Matt, have three children enrolled at GCCS: one in middle school and two in high school. They attend Crossroads Bible Church in Grand Rapids. Lisa works at a human resources consulting firm. Lisa joined the Board because she has a heart for Christian formation among our young people and wants to
give back to the community.

Deborah Mouw

Deb and her husband, Daniel, have two children enrolled at GCCS: one in middle school and one in elementary school. They attend Ivanrest CRC in Grandville. Deb works as a Technology Coordinator at Dutton Christian School. Deb joined the Board to support the ongoing work of the school’s administration and staff. 

Tim Muilenburg

Tim and his wife, Sara, have four children enrolled at GCCS: three in middle school and one in high school. They attend Ivanrest CRC in Grandville. Tim works as a State Farm Agent. He joined the Board to help to lead Calvin’s growth in God’s community. 

Luke Scholten
Luke and his wife, Melissa, have one child enrolled at Calvin Christian High School, and three children enrolled at West Side Christian School. They attend Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville.  Luke is the Director of Early Childhood and Special Education at Kenowa Hills Public Schools. Luke joined the Board because he appreciates the focus of the school’s Strategic Plan in its effort to develop our students in service of our God, both immediately and with a long-term lens.  
Lucas Yax

Lucas and his wife, Lindsey, have two children enrolled at GCCS, both in elementary school. They attend Faith Community CRC in Wyoming. Lucas works as the Assistant Superintendent at Lighthouse Academy Schools. Lucas joined the Board to offer his diverse background in Education, Ministry, and Organizational Management to assist the other board members, school administration, and community in making thoughtful and calculated decisions that will positively impact the future of GCCS.  

Contact the Board

The best way to contact the Board is via email at board_members@gccsmi.org

Address the Board

To address the Board at an upcoming meeting, please read and review what is asked of those wishing to address the Board. Once you have reviewed those guidelines, you may request to address the Board.

Board Meeting Dates

The board typically meets on the fourth Monday of each month except May, July, and December. Board minutes are posted after they are approved. Approval normally takes place at the next full board meeting.

2023/24 school year dates:

  • June 12
  • August 28
  • September 25
  • October 30
  • November 20
  • January 22
  • February 26
  • March 25
  • April 22
  • June 24
Board Nomination Form

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for board service, please carefully read through the expectations and then submit the form below as thoroughly as possible. A Grandville Calvin Christian Board Member should meet the following expectations:

  • Be a member of the Grandville Calvin Christian School community (a parent or donor).
  • Be a supporter of Grandville Calvin Christian and its mission.
  • Have a passion for and commitment to Christian education; be able to provide a vision for the future of Christian education in our context.
  • Agree to uphold and live out our Community Covenant – our Statement of Faith for employees.
  • Provide insight and leadership, especially in their unique areas of study, life experience, career expertise, and acquired skills. 
  • Attend regularly scheduled board meetings, preparing in advance as needed to remain informed and ready to discuss board matters. 
  • Participate on task forces and execute special assignments as necessary. 
  • Attend special meetings and retreats as required.
  • Be active in GCCS school life. 

Board Nomination

Your Information

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Nominee Information

Although it is not required for all of the following form fields to be completed, please carefully and thoughtfully answer as many as you can. It is our goal that a nominee is presented to the Board only after prayerful and thoughtful consideration.
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Committees & Task Forces

Executive Committee

Executive Committee (standing)

The Executive Committee advises and prioritizes issues for board members to address at future meetings.

Members: Hoezee, van Stempvoort, Tanner, Woodfin

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee (standing)

The Finance Committee works in conjunction with the Director of Finance to oversee the financial and budget planning process, establish financial goals, maintain and review financial records, and ensure proper financial internal controls are maintained.

Members: Hoezee, Tanner

GCCS Foundation Board

The GCCS Foundation Board (standing)

The GCCS Foundation is a separate organization with its own Board of Directors.  The Foundation manages more than $5.5M of assets and annually contributes approximately $200,000 to GCCS for use in the operating budget.  Accordingly, it has a member of the GCCS Board who sits as a guest on the Foundation Board to provide collaboration between the two organizations.

Member: Tanner

Board Development Committee

Board Development Committee (standing)

The Board Development Committee is responsible for identifying and maintaining potential new board members based on the strategic needs identified, providing board orientation for new members, conducting board self-performance evaluations, and developing programs to provide for the continued development of board members.

Members: Hollebeek, Jousma, Woodfin, Yax

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee (standing)

The Policy Committee is a standing committee of the Board of Directors and periodically reviews updates to GCCS policies and proposed changes.  The policy committee then recommends any revised language to policies to the full Board of Directors for possible adoption.

Members: Jousma, van Stempvoort, Scholten

Human Sexuality Curriculum Review Task Force

Human Sexuality Curriculum Review Task Force

Over the course of the first semester, a group of 15 GCCS community members have been reviewing and discussing a human sexuality video series to determine whether it would be a helpful resource for our students and staff.  The task force is made up of parents, Board members, GCCS staff, and area pastors.  We value the home-school-church partnership that is essential to raising our kids together in faith, and we were intentional about this partnership with this task force.  This task force is completing its work this month and looks forward to sharing more information in early 2024.

Members: Jousma, Mouw, Tanner, van Stempvoort

Belonging Task Force

The Belonging Committee Task Force

We recognize that having a strong community doesn’t just happen without thoughtful deliberation and intentional effort to think about what we do, why we do it, and how we could do something better.  The goal of this task force is to share, think, and plan together about what we do well in forming a unified Christian school community at GCCS and what we could do better.  We have goals in our strategic plan that we want to accomplish but, even more, we have a desire as fellow believers in Jesus Christ to cultivate communities of belonging in our schools.

This task force focuses on supporting community in our Christian schools.  As we continue to implement our GCCS Strategic Plan, we want to more intentionally address Goal Area 2 of the strategic plan: “Cultivating Communities of Belonging: School Culture.”  This task force will be made up of GCCS parents, Board members, and school staff.

Members: Dykstra, Hollebeek, Scholten, Woodfin

Strategic Planning 2025 - 2030 Task Force

The Strategic Planning 2025 – 2030 Committee Task Force

This task force will begin its work in early 2024.  Our current strategic plan runs through the end of the 2024-2025 school year, and we want to continue to review its implementation and look to what the next strategic plan (for 2025-2030) will need to include in order to ensure that GCCS stays focused on its mission of equipping students to serve and glorify God for years to come.

The goal of this task force will be to work together with the GCCS staff and Board of Directors and to coordinate with the Christian Schools International (CSI) accreditation process to ensure that all of the forward-looking work being done at GCCS is prayerfully and thoughtfully planned with an emphasis on mission-focused goals and strategies that will lead to a thriving and sustainable future for our Christian schools.

Members: Hoezee, Muilenburg, Yax