About GCCS

Our Vision

  1. Squires will love God and live in caring community with others.
  2. Squires will discover, innovate, and create to proclaim God’s glory.
  3. Squires will cultivate their gifts to redeem God’s good but broken world.

Our Mission

Loving, Learning, Serving.  We teach students to know God and his world through Christ-centered education in order to serve him in today’s society. It is exciting to see students uncovering God’s bidding in their lives and learning how to serve him. We believe education is not a path to privilege, but a path to servanthood.

GCCS is located Grandville, MI and has two campuses:
The Calvin Christian Middle and High School campus is located at 3750 Ivanrest Avenue, and
the Grandville Christian School and Polka Dot Garden Preschool campus is located at 3934 Wilson Avenue.