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National Merit Semifinalists

A round of applause for Jared Ebels and Megan Timmer, our two senior National Merit Semifinalists! Fewer than 1% of US high school students receive this honor. Quite an achievement for 2 of our 97 seniors!

Prayer at the Pole

On Wednesday morning, we joined millions of other students praying on school campuses around the world. It was beautiful to see so many CCHS students arrive at school early to pray as a community. Thanks be to God for blessing the work we do here!

Middle School Students Visit Art Prize

Our middle school students and staff enjoyed the beautiful weather as they explored Art Prize Wednesday. We were inspired to see the diverse ways innovators and creators can use art to glorify God!

PE-5 Boat Race

In order to practice 21st century skills of collaboration, innovation and problem-solving, the PE-5 students worked together to build floatable devices from limited resources. They hit the water on Tuesday, and all the boats made it across the lake!

Tinker Tuesday

Our Engineering students worked their with their 2nd grade buddies in Stephanie Sytesma’s class.  The high school students and 2nd graders worked with a simple online CAD program to create whatever was in their imaginations.  Now they’re ready to fire up the 3D printers and have their virtual creations become physical creations!

Mastodon Bones Visit CCHS

Today and tomorrow we have the privilege of hosting some of the Mastodon bones, which were co-discovered by Steve Hunderman (a 1997 CCHS graduate) in Byron Center over Labor Day weekend.  Stop by and see the skull and femur (and a cow femur  for comparison) in Mr. Adema’s room, (94), and a few ribs and vertebrae in Mrs. Teusink’s room (98).  See the MLive article to learn more about the bones and where they’re headed next.