Ambassador High

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Where the Community is Your Classroom

Ambassador High is a school within a school at Calvin Christian High School that provides students with opportunities to discover and apply their God-given talents through community-based learning to live their lives to the fullest.

Our curriculum is based on nationally-recognized successful programs to provide an integrated and individualized experience for each student.

Why Choose Ambassador High?

One Student at a Time

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The entire learning experience at Ambassador High is individualized based on the interests and goals of each student. Our process of personalization involves providing the right measure of challenge and support for each student in each activity to promote growth.

Faith in Action

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Following Christ is at the forefront of Ambassador High’s work and is reflected through our words and actions. We seek to understand all aspects of creation through integrated faith and learning. In addition, we continue to grow as Ambassadors for Christ who bring shalom to God’s good, but broken world.
Advisory Structure

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A student’s weekly schedule consists of community-based learning off campus two days a week, and three days at the Calvin Christian High School campus. While on campus, a cohort of students will attend integrated classes and participate in their advisory. The advisor and smaller group of students remain together all four years, and build close personal relationships that foster community and provide a “second family” for many of the students.

real-world learning through interests and internships
Student are connected to real world experience though community partnerships- twice a week for the entire school day. A student’s internship placement includes a job site mentor who is an expert in their field, authentic projects, and exposure to the intersections between their interests and career opportunities.
School Culture

school culture
Trust, respect, and equality are at the core of relationships between teachers and students at Ambassador High. Students are invited to take leadership roles, collaborate with teachers and participate in decision-making. Since student input is highly valued, effective communication skills are an integral part of the educational experience.
Integrated Learning

integrated and project-based learning
Students will attend two academic strands: the Humanities (English, Social Studies, Communication) and STEM (Math, Science, Engineering). Many of the units are taught thematically or through project-based learning.
Parent Involvement

parent involvement
Parents play an important, proactive role in the learning at Ambassador High. We invite parents to collaborate with our staff on their child’s individualized learning plan, and attend student-led conferences to monitor progress on learning targets. Parents are also important partners to the school, helping connect us to local businesses for internships and job site mentors.
Post-Secondary Planning

post-secondary planning
Planning for the future begins long before Senior year, as each student’s learning plan includes their gifts, goals, and interests. We will continually seek out learning opportunities that equip all students for uniquely fulfilling lives, whether that be in college, a trade, the military, or the workforce.
Big Picture Learning

big picture learning
Ambassador High is affiliated with the national organization of Big Picture Learning, and shares many of its key distinguishers. Big Picture Schools are recognized for their success both nationally and internationally. More information about Big Picture Learning can be found at

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